Tornado Games Studios

We are a indie game development studio based out of Canada.

About us:

We make games

We started out working on our first game, then took a break. Now, we are coming back better then ever. I should mention that, we have... advanced our ways quite a bit.

Originally started in 2017, we worked on our first game. After we released it, we decided on a different idea. And that is where we are at today.

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Our achievements

We’ve done collaborations.

We’ve collaborated with hard working teams and individuals such as UltraGearGames, Typicyl, and more.

We work hard.

We work hard to embrace the chances we have, and we tell stories in all.

We dive into things headfirst.

We embrace our projects here, and want to see them succeed. So that's why we have a strict quality over quantity rule.

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